Empathy: The Remnant Pieces

Andrew Johnston
May 31, 2022
Courtesy of the author

Life is an experiment. The worst things are constants.

Roderick Butler is a very intelligent young man — that’s what everyone says. Very sensible. Accomplished beyond his years. Awkward around others, but not hurtful.

Experienced at coping with all of the damage.

But the bad times are in the past now. He has a new life, in a new house with a complete family. It’s safer. More comfortable. More stable. All-around healthier.

And all anyone expects from Roderick is that he be normal.

Empathy: The Remnant Pieces is an epistolary novel following a brilliant but troubled youth, struggling to adapt after his single mother’s marriage to an older widower. New updates will be posted Mondays and Thursdays.

New to the series? Need a refresher on what’s already happened? Click here to visit the table of contents.



Andrew Johnston

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